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In the year 1911, the church of the most holy name was founded.  many area Catholics had migrated from Europe during the last part of the 19th century and had settled in and around Garfield without benefit of local churches or priests.


A church extension plan was established by the right reverend John J. Connor bishop of Newark.  along with the Franciscan minister general, and the provincial of the most holy name province of New York, implemented a church extension plan.  thus, mission churches could be established locally.


Helping lay the foundation for this movement was the Franciscan Reverend Francis Koch, O.F.M. he celebrated the first mass at somerset hall located at midland avenue and somerset place in Garfield on July 9th 1911.


On august 27th father Dominic Sonnabend, O.F.M., became the first official pastor aided by the efforts and enthusiasm of 43 parish families.  plans were designed, land was purchased and the first contract was signed for the first church building at Marsellus place and Passaic st.  construction was completed October 1, 1912.


During this time, the following groups were active: holy name society, rosary society, altar society, young ladies sodality, Children of Mary, altar boys, fife and drum corp, and the third order of St. Francis.


In 1950 and 1951, most holy name parish school was established.  this school consolidated in September 1991.


In 1958, a loan was secured for a building fund.  many activities to raise money were established at this time to design a new church.


In deed they designed an impressive and awe inspiring church.  rising 60 feet the church tower is peaked by a gold cross.  this dramatic effect is softened by a statue of the Christ child.


The stained glass windows were designed to unfold progressively the principal mysteries of Christianity.  climaxing in the reign of Christ and his blessed mother as king and queen of heaven and earth.


The holy name cadets drum and bugle corp were great representatives of most holy name parish.


In 1991 the Franciscans found the need to leave most holy name parish due to the lack of friars.  the diocesan priests were assigned and the most reverend c. ehrenberg was appointed pastor.  after a brief illness, father ehrenberg passed away and only a month later, Reverend Joseph Mirandi, parochial vicar became ill and passed away suddenly.


Father Benedict P. Militello was appointed pastor in august of 1995.  during these years, the schools in Garfield consolidated and our parish school was leased to the town as a public school in order to help the city and the children who live here.


In December of the year 2000, monsignor William J. Reilly, was assigned pastor to most holy name since father militello had retired.


Garfield had become a diverse community and there was an essential need for the establishment of a Spanish community.  under monsignor Reilly’s guidance, the Spanish community has become an intricate part of the parish of the most holy name.  it is truly a parish that has consistently ministered to it’s families, changing with the times and with the needs of it’s people while laying the foundation for future generations.


Mass Schedule


5:30 PM English         |      7:00 PM Spanish



8:00 AM Spanish         |      10:30 AM English      |      12:00 PM Spanish

Daily Mass (Rectory)


8:00 AM English



8:00 AM English



8:00 AM English



7:00 PM  Spanish



8:00 AM English



12:00 PM English


First Friday of the Month Mass

7:00 PM - Bilingual


Second Friday of the Month Adoration

7:00 PM


Fourth Monday of the Month - Rosary and Adoration

12:00 PM (Rectory)



Every Wednesday the Chaplet of Divine Mercy

9:30 AM - Spanish Chapel (Rectory)



Every Thursday - Exposition of the Blessed

From 12:00 noon until 6:00 pm



Second and Fourth Thursday of the Month - Rosary and Chaplet of the Divine Mercy (Chapel)

12:30 PM


Novena honoring of St. Anthony every Tuesday

12:00 PM



99 Marsellus Place

Garfield, New Jersey 07026

Phone: (973) 340-0032

Fax:     (973) 340-1618


5:30 PM - English

7:00 PM - Spanish


  8:00 AM - Spanish

10:30 AM - English

12:00 PM - Spanish

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